Pantomime Feedback

I am always proud of my Gold Starz and we drive them hard but in the end they always do their best. Please comment if you enjoyed the show and share the news on your own timelines as well. That way more people get to know that being at Gold Starz Dance School is fun and rewarding.

Thanks again to all those that helped ( Kerry Wingrove & Lee Wingrove today, I have your sheet), Dave, Andy, Dariusz Gertchen, Marise, Laura Holloway, Jonathan Reynolds, Tamara Dornan & Mum Kim as well as Maxine Green. All the parents for being part of this and all the kids, I love them all.

And thanks Jack for making me cry half way through my speech. We will continue to support him in his fight. We know what we are xxx


Kerry Wingrove What a great performanceI don’t think I’ve laughed so much massive well done to all the Gold Starz children you was all amazing and not forgetting the teachers too!!! Grand job everyone well done!
As for jack…wow what a courageous little boy!xx

 Heidi Nadine Tooze  Amazing to see all kids this afternoon. I have to say massive thank you to you Keir French your dedication to all these kids is above and beyond. Certainly touched my heart.
Robert Willmott  That was an amazing panto x everyone did brilliantly x well proud of everyone x
Becky Byles  Loved the panto!!!! Well done to all the kiddies and a huge well done to Keir, you have worked so hard and it showed tonight ?I laughed throughout and had a little tear, very proud of Talia and everyone else ?and nannie said she loved it too! Xx
 Kirsty Anne Stevens  Well done goldstarz u never disappoint so proud ….thank u to all u teachers For everything xxx
Hayley-jane Culley  What a fantastic evening good job to all the gold starz children really enjoyed it
Tracy Nicholls  Well Done each and every one of you, You were all brilliant as usual xxxxxx Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers xxxxxx
Jenna Mcfarlane  A huge thankyou to everyone at Gold Starz who has helped my little layla become the dancer she is. Never in a million years did i think she would get up on stage and perform in front of the amount of people she did today. I am super proud of her! So thank you to everyone especially Keir French it was an amazing show ?

Just a few of the comments after our show. Come along and be a part of what we are trying to achieve at Gold Starz

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